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Although nature plays its part, many of the flavors and aromas that tantalize our senses have been created by humans.
At ESSential, we have been developing flavors for a wide variety of foods and beverages since 1983. Our products cover the requirements of almost all industrial sectors, and we provide creative technical solutions through high-quality ingredients.

Inspiring Flavors

We strive to create flavors that inspire, enriching the senses and promoting well-being. Committed to health and environmental sustainability, we are passionate about offering high-quality, sustainable products.

We take care of the environment

We prioritize sustainability at ESSential by using HDPE cans and PET containers. These containers are 100% recyclable and reusable, making them an environmentally responsible choice. In addition, they are resistant and safe for transport, have a lower carbon footprint than metals and glass, require less energy during manufacturing and recycling, and use less water in their production process.

Our essences

At ESSential, we offer a diverse range of flavors that can be applied to a wide variety of food products.

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ESSential SA

Our Company

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating high-quality flavors that meet our customers’ unique needs. We achieve this through efficient service and rigorous processes that ensure compliance with our commitments to quality. Additionally, we maintain a system of continuous improvement and prioritize environmental responsibility.
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