Top 15 React Native Tools for Mobile App Developers in 2022

One of the most easy-to-use iOS app development tools, Appcelerator’s mantra is to build great mobile experiences faster. The tool is easy to set up, developers just have to install the package and configure the store to connect to it. React Navigation is a library that simplifies the process of building a navigation structure for React Native apps.

  • It also allows you to create an in-app message center that creates an in-app inbox where you can send persistent messages to your users.
  • They offer a hybrid in-app bidding technology that you can customize by giving a higher priority to your preferred ad networks from over 70 ad networks available on the platform.
  • This approach allows for efficient development and reduces the effort required to maintain and update multiple codebases.
  • The React Native CLI is a more basic and bare-metal development environment.
  • Under the Extensions Marketplace, type “React Native Tools” in the search bar, choose the “React Native Tools” Extension, and then click the Install button.

It lets you focus on what is more critical while building apps — strategy, features, tech stack. That not only saves time but also shortens the development cycle. PhoneGap’s debugging tools help you inspect the codebase in JavaScript and continuously collaborate with others to improve the app performance continually. It enables swift app delivery on the most updated SDK because it lets you reuse existing web dev skills and frameworks rather easily. It’s an open-source cross-platform app development framework that uses the C# language and the .Net framework to develop apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate comes with all the features of WebStorm, such as built-in support for JavaScript and other related technologies.

Extensibility in VS Code

Enzyme is a free JavaScript tool which is widely used for app testing. Developers use this tool as it is easy to traverse, manipulate, and asset the React Native components. It comes with a cluster of services like Hack development, working sets, Remote and JavaScript development, in-built debugging, task runner, mercurial support, etc. This React Native tool helps in writing codes of high quality in quick time regardless of the magnitude of the complexity of the project.

The extension provides a convenient interface for debugging and testing your app’s JavaScript code. It provides a set of customizable UI components that developers can use to create beautiful and responsive interfaces for their apps. React Native Elements includes buttons, icons, forms, input fields, and many other UI elements. It helps write high-quality code faster and irrespective of the project’s complexity. It also includes development tools and remarkable support for significant technologies. Visual Studio Code is the first React Native Development tool on the list.

Scaling Up: Best Practices for Mobile Development Teams, Architecture and Workflows

Atom also enables developers to select various open-source packages to add more functionalities and features. Its services include cross-platform editing, an in-built package manager, bespoke designs & themes, and navigation of multiple files through a single window. To start debugging create a new debug configuration for your ReactNative app in your .vscode/launch.json. Adding a new configuration can be done by opening your launch.json file and clicking on Add Configuration… After that the extension will prompt you to create a debugging configuration by selecting debugging parameters in dropdown lists at the top of the editor. A new debugging configuration will be generated and added to the launch.json file automatically as shown in the image below.

react native app development tools

Additionally, it provides the tools that allow for the fastest app development on all Android devices. It contains a real-time profiler, APK analyzer, visual layout editor, intelligent code editor, and flexible build system. Expo is an react native development open-source tool that can be used to make native applications for the web, Android, and iOS with React and JavaScript. It is built to offer development assistance by providing a single codebase that can run across multiple platforms.

How to attach to a running React Native for Windows application

The database developers can store data either dynamically or locally. This is interesting since most of the applications need offline-online synchronize support. This is why React is more than a library, an architecture, or even an ecosystem. It’s a place where you can ask for help, find opportunities, and meet new friends. You will meet both developers and designers, beginners and experts, researchers and artists, teachers and students. Our backgrounds may be very different, but React lets us all create user interfaces together.

One of the standout features of React Native Debugger is the ability to inspect the component hierarchy. This allows developers to see the component tree of their app and understand how components are connected, which can be incredibly useful when debugging unexpected behavior. It is widely used in the React and React Native communities to write and run unit tests and integration tests. Jest provides a simple API for writing test cases and provides features such as snapshot testing and code coverage analysis. I’m working as a Team Lead – Mobile Department at Evince Development, having experience as an iOS and React Native developer who loves exploring everything in trend!

Top 10 React Native Tools

We build premium WordPress themes & plugins.Become a member today and download our entire collection. Optimizing React Native performance involves analyzing and reducing unnecessary re-renders, optimizing image loading, and using native modules where necessary. In this tutorial, you learned how to create a React Native app with Expo.

There are many testing tools available which you can choose as per your comfort. We have tried to put the most favored tool here that will help you make testing absolutely easy and flawless. Some testing tools even help detect real-time bugs during the development process.

Configure custom key bindings for extension commands

React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks, and it’s definitely the most mature. This is why it is used by the likes of Facebook, UberEats, Tesla, and others to create great cross-platform mobile app experiences from one codebase. Often, great React Native apps are built with great React Native tools. NativeBase is a popular user interface (UI) design tool that is free to use. It can be defined as a sleek, ingenious, and utility-first component library that allows building cross-platform Android and iOS mobile applications. NativeBase can also help developers to take advantage of cross-platform UI components that highly impact productivity.

react native app development tools

The extension supports VS Code Remote Development features on Linux. Please follow the VS Code official documentation to setup your environment and install related extensions(Remote Development is recommended) to use a remote development approach. The debugger uses sourcemaps to let you debug with your original sources, but sometimes the sourcemaps aren’t generated properly and overrides are needed. In the config we support sourceMapPathOverrides, a mapping of source paths from the sourcemap, to the locations of these sources on disk. Useful when the sourcemap isn’t accurate or can’t be fixed in the build process.

Setting up your first React app

Over time, Appcelerator has built a vibrant community of more than 200,000 developers. With this tool, you are also bound to get mobile-optimized access to any data source. Security and privacy are especially important when building a critical mobile app for business, for example, banking and e-commerce apps that include a payment system. According to OWASP Mobile Top 10, among the most critical security risks for mobile applications are insecure data storage, authentication, and authorization. for react-native-svg

According to the 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, developers have chosen VS Code as their preferred IDE. This powerful tool offers a user-friendly interface that is easily customizable for individual preferences. With support for multiple themes, users can personalize their experience. Plus, new features are released on a monthly basis, ensuring the best possible development experience. It is a popular tool for managing application state in React and React Native apps.

You will especially like working on Xamarin if you are a .NET developer. That is because its test cloud allows you to run tests for thousands of devices with 100% reusability of code. It helps build high-performance apps on Android, iOS, desktop, and web from a single codebase. Launched in May 2017, Flutter has quickly become a favorite of developers as it allows them to customize the apps using slick animations. Without considering these factors, it’s difficult to choose the framework for cross-platform mobile development that will best meet your specific needs. Take a closer look at your future application requirements and weigh them against capabilities of various frameworks.

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